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Earn More on What You Save with a Limited-Time CD Special


26-MONTH CD SPECIAL Don’t Miss out! 2.15 percent annual percentage yieldBoost your earnings on your savings with First State Bank’s new 26-Month CD Special. For a limited time you can open a new 26-month CD and earn a generous 2.15% APY.

Investing in CDs provides you:

  • a predictable, fixed return
  • interest rates that are typically better than those of savings accounts
  • security as your accounts are insured by the government on balances up to $250,000

Stop by any First State Bank banking center or call 636.940.5555 for details and start earning more on what you save!

$5,000 minimum deposit and balance required to earn stated annual percentage yield (APY) which is subject to change at any time. A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal. Not available with IRAs.